Digital solutions for the New European Bauhaus (NEB)

The New European Bauhaus

The New European Bauhaus (NEB) is a creative and transdisciplinary initiative to connect the European Green Deal to people's daily lives and living spaces. It calls on all Europeans to imagine and build together a sustainable and inclusive future, bringing together different social layers (citizens, experts, businesses and institutions). 

In addition to creating a platform for experimentation and connection, the initiative provides access to EU projects funding three inseparable values: 

1. Sustainability (climate change mitigation, circular economy, zero pollution, and biodiversity protection).
2. Aesthetics (quality of experience and style beyond functionality).
3. Inclusivity (valuing diversity, securing accessibility and affordability).

In this context, NEB's main objectives are: 

- creating a bridge between the world of science and technology, art and culture;
- leveraging green and digital challenges to positively impact people's lives;
- addressing complex societal problems through co-creation processes;
- co-creating bridges between different disciplines;
- fostering participation at all levels.


The role and impact of

From October 2022, is to supporting the NEB community by developing the NEB Digital Hub web platform, which consists of three main components:

•    Training courses: a collaborative online set of courses and training materials aimed at stimulating knowledge and sharing best practices;
•    Digital Toolkit: a catalogue with over 200 digital solutions for the NEB ecosystem;
•    Observatory: a collection of 500 EU-funded initiatives to raise awareness towards NEB programmes and encourage collaborations.

All services will be freely available to user groups from different contexts and ways of life. These include:

•    Architects, Designers, Engineers, and other professionals belonging to the NEB community
•    Construction industry suppliers & other relevant industry players (e.g. start-ups, SMEs, associations in the building, mobility & health sectors, and SDOs).
•    Researchers and academics
•    Digital technology companies, associations and initiatives
•    Policy Makers (including Green Deal-related)
•    National & regional authorities, mayors (including urban planners) and cities
•    Civil society organisations and citizens


How to get involved?

Learn and be heard in the thematic Technical Working Groups (discussing Design and Architecture, Production and Construction, Verticals, and Community and Sustainability), meeting top-class experts and potential business partners; stimulate discussions and share best practices. is looking for “Champions” in the exploitation of innovative digital solutions in NEB local projects: contact us at The Champions will act as local Ambassadors of NEB, helping share best practices and exploiting synergies within European communities.


More on has received funding from the EU’s Digital Europe Programme under Grant Agreement no. 101083743.


Who's behind is provided by a lean Consortium of six Partners with extensive experience in the European research, innovation and digital landscape and the New European Bauhaus. It is composed by:


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