What is it?

The project addresses H&S issues as it stems from the need for the prevention of accidents on construction sites. These accidents are mainly caused by falling from a height, especially from scaffoldings. Works at heights (i.e. formworks, scaffolding works) are one of the most dangerous construction works. One of the main reasons is: that current training methods are insufficient. As the research shows, workers are not interested in classic training. The use of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), modern AR technology and supporting media files make ARFAT training much more interesting and unforgettable.

Who is it for?

Civil Society - Citizens
Construction Industry Players
Research & Academia

The project's primary goal is to lower the injury rate during construction companies, particularly formwork and scaffolding activities. A training system that includes information on formworks and building construction, with a focus on job efficiency and H&S requirements, was developed to help accomplish that goal. It could be a useful tool for those working in academia, research, and civil society, as well.

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