What is it?

FACET- Furniture sector Avant-garde Creativity and Entrepreneurship Training project aims to develop innovative tools for training in creativity and entrepreneurship for the furniture and home interior sectors to be used for initial vocational education and training (VET), as well as for the continuous VET for workers. The training fosters creativity and entrepreneurship skills of professionals of furniture companies, resulting in new products which are in line with the changing population structure, lifestyles and trends, as well as in new business models and supplier-consumer relationships.

Who is it for?

Civil Society - Citizens
Construction Industry Players
Research & Academia

The main objective of the FACET project is the development of new and innovative methods to further strengthen creativity and entrepreneurship in VET programs in the furniture sector, both for initial VET and continuous VET and having into account work-based learning.

It can be a great tool for academic research, civil society, as well as other players in the construction industry.

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