What is it?

Ecotect is a highly visual software for architects to work with environmental performance issues. It is designed for early stages of conceptual design, and encourages play to  understand environmental factors and interactions. So making use of Grasshopper a new interface was developed, named GECO. GECO offers a direct link between Rhino/Grasshopper models and Ecotect. The Plug-in allows you to export complex geometries very quickly, evaluate your design in Ecotect and access the performances data, to import the results as feedback to Grasshopper. This could be done as single process or loop to improve performance and the design of a building in the context of its environment.The single results of the process could be saved inside Rhino in the vertices of the analysis mesh to store data for later use inside different design approaches.

GECO image

Who is it for?

Architects - Designers - Engineers
Construction Industry Players

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