What is it?

The outcome of the GREENPASS software is scientifically proven and based on expert systems micro-climate simulations. It consists of two main tools:

The GREENPASS Toolbox supports every phase of the urban development planning process with four tailor-made tools:

  1. GREENPASS Assessment enables a quick and rough initial assessment of buildings, quarters and open spaces in terms of climate resilience.
  2. GREENPASS Competition, a standardised analysis for the climate resilience of buildings, neighbourhoods and open spaces.
  3. GREENPASS Pre-Certification, a standardised analysis and preliminary test procedure for the climate resilience of buildings, neighbourhoods and open spaces.
  4. GREENPASS Certification, a standardised test procedure and certification system for optimising and confirming the climate-related sojourn quality and quality of life, profitability and environmental impacts of a project.

The GREENPASS Editor is the interface that enables the creation of a planning world ready for expert simulation. Import CAD/GIS plans and add the GPS data to complete the project information for an expert simulation.

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Who is it for?

Architects - Designers - Engineers
Construction Industry Players
Digital Tech Companies & Associations

GREENPASS software and methodology have been developed during various research projects over the last 10 years, thanks to a worldwide applicable methodology developed in cooperation with well-known international research institutes, universities and 5 international model cities: Vienna, London, Kairo, Santiago de Chile, and Hongkong. 

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