POWERBIM DigitalTwin Platform for Lifecycle Building Performance

What is it?

POWERBIM generates automated linkage between BIM world, through the use of a Common Data Environment (Autodesk Construction Cloud) based in openBIM standards (ISO 19650), and DATA world, by automatically integrating BIM structured data and Facility / Asset Management platforms, Building / Energy Management Systems, IoT systems, Multimedia and others for Building Operations. Finally, all data collected is analysed with Business Intelligence Dashboards connected back to BIM models.


POWERBIM is a scalable mature platform, ready to operate buildings, and infrastructures using BIM and Data, connecting to the city thanks to GIS technology. The product was created in 2019 and today is getting important corporate clients and growing fast to be one of the leading DT platforms for the AECO sector in the upcoming years. 

Some links about real cases are below:

http://powerbim.com – the landing page

https://vimeo.com/676671182 our demo for Telefonica in the MWC22, as they presented in the press release: https://www.telefonica.com/en/communication-room/telefonica-presents-at-mwc-its-technological-proposal-to-turn-spaces-into-smart-buildings/

https://vimeo.com/605948506/7489361c0e - POWERBIM showcase

https://vimeo.com/635421494/f17d5f971e Our demo presented in Dubai for Siemens Mindsphere IoT platform integration 

https://bim6d.eu/portfolio/remote-inspection-2-hospitals-during-construction-emergency-covid-19/ monitoring two covid hospitals under construction for remote inspection using digital twin technology

https://bim6d.eu/portfolio/digitaltwin-rey-juan-carlos-university/ smart campus project integrating multiple devices, IoT data, space management and facility management data for the University of Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid

POWERBIM integrated Technologies

Who is it for?

Construction Industry Players
National & Regional Authorities
Policy Makers - Green Deal

POWERBIM is a digital twin platform for lifecycle asset performance, this is why we can cover all stages and provide use cases for all stakeholders:

-For designers: BIM models are used in POWERBIM to integrate energy and sustainability simulations, MEP calculations and other data analytics thanks to the automated data analytics reports connecting BIM data to calculated data.

-For construction companies: BIM as built models linked to 4D/5D data analytics to perform time/cost management can be integrated into POWERBIM to explore new ways to take control of construction process data, also we can link to unmanned systems like cameras, and drones, point cloud and others

-For Asset Management / Building Operations: The main goal of POWERBIM is to provide a solution for Building Asset Lifecycle Performance, to do that, we connect BIM models and their components to Facility Management platforms: CMMS, CAFM, IWMS and others for maintenance, and BMS/EMS/IoT and multimedia devices for real-time data monitoring

-For Energy and Sustainability Performance: By comparing energy and sustainability simulations to real-time data monitoring, we can calibrate data analytics and perform predictive analytics. We are working on several projects that combine simulations and real-time monitored data to improve the way we can manage, in real-time, the main KPI indicators for energy, comfort, sustainability, based on nZEB, level(s) and other frameworks.

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