SCORE QR Toolkit

What is it?

In today's digital age, cities are constantly seeking innovative solutions to bridge the gap between physical infrastructure and digital information. The SCORE QR Toolkit, an open-source solution, leverages QR codes, which have seen a resurgence in recent years due to their native support on mobile devices, to connect offline city objects with online functionalities.

Unlike traditional uses of QR codes that serve as static hyperlinks, this innovative approach transforms them into dynamic starting points for a multitude of city services and citizen workflows. Whether it's providing direct links to relevant information or serving as a reporting mechanism for city services, QR codes are reimagined as versatile tools for urban efficiency.


Who is it for?

Civil Society - Citizens
National & Regional Authorities
Policy Makers - Green Deal

The practical applications of this toolkit are vast and tailored to the needs of both city officials and citizens. For instance, in Bradford, public waste bins equipped with QR codes can be used by city officials to track waste collection data, while citizens can report overflowing bins or access relevant waste management information. Meanwhile, in Ghent, movable road signs with QR codes help the Roads & Bridges department track their assets and provide citizens with real-time information on events or roadworks. These use cases underscore the toolkit's potential to foster collaborative urban management. By offering these features through a web browser, the developers ensure easy accessibility, eliminating the need for additional apps and encouraging widespread adoption of these QR-based workflows.

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