What is it?

The TABLE project aims to provide an innovative training system based on micro-learning opportunities for i-VET teachers in the furniture and wood sectors, as well as to promote the teaching of relevant green skills for the job market. 
As international and multilateral organizations continue to promote the circular economy and raise awareness of environmental issues, there are unprecedented shifts in skill requirements. Changes in how jobs are performed, the emergence of new skilled occupations, and the greening of existing jobs are examples of these changes. Achieving a sustainable economy necessitates a stronger integration of skills and job creation policies into a green economic agenda.
The project fits into this perspective by providing teachers with new knowledge about environmental sustainability and the reduction of natural resource consumption to increase the sustainability of the environment.

Who is it for?

Construction Industry Players
Policy Makers - Green Deal
Research & Academia

TABLE project aimed to improve environmental sustainability through education, ensure a quality culture in VET programmes and enhance access to VET training and qualifications for all. It can be a helpful tool for academic research, as well as for other construction industry players and policymakers.

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