VLCi Platform

What is it?

The VLCi Platform project, strategically planned in 2013 and which began to be implanted in July 2014, is an advanced computer and storage system and the first to comply with FIWARE European Standard deployed in Spain. Its main functions include:

  • Information Acquisition. Collects data from both sensors and information systems of different Valencia’s City Council Services.
  • Information Distribution. Manages huge amounts of information from multiple sources.
  • Information Storage and Analysis. Statistical and predictive analysis. Big Data analysis.
  • Information Availability.Report generation. Dashboards. Open Data management.

Who is it for?

National & Regional Authorities
Policy Makers - Green Deal

Local authorities can collect a large amount of information in a single repository, analyse it using advanced Big Data tools and then develop dashboards to help city service managers to draw conclusions and make easy and quick on-the-spot decision-making.

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