Kirsi Mustalahti

Full Name: Kirsi Mustalahti
Job title: Founder & Chairwoman
Organisation Name: ACCAC Global
Country: Finland

Short bio

I am the Founder and Chairperson of the ACCAC (Accessible Arts and Culture) Global network and community, which consists of 14 ACCAC member organizations in Europe, Asia, and Africa. ACCAC aims to develop inclusion, equity, and accessibility by using art and culture as a tool for change via inclusive festivals, seminars, and global cooperation projects since 2011.

My interest and expertise in accessibility and services started in 2006 as a pioneer in Finland, improving the inclusion of people with and without disabilities in arts, culture, and social life, by offering services to festivals, companies, culture providers, and various artists and artists groups.

A welcoming and open attitude to diversity is the key to developing better services and inclusion. I believe that culture and art is the best way to communicate and naturally face new things.

ACCAC Member Organizations in Belgium, France, Croatia, Greece, Nepal, Korea, Morocco, Algeria, Tanzania, Egypt, Japan, Cameroon, and Zambia are working on for a better life and the possibility to participate in social and leisure activities for everyone.

The first step is an accessible mind.