Sandra Vengadasalam

Job title: Initiator and Co-Founder bloxberg Blockchain
Organisation Name: Bloxberg

Short bio

Sandra Vengadasalam is an accomplished individual, specialised in Epigenetics, with a passion for music and a vision to shape the future. She is also the initiator of the world's largest scientific POA blockchain network, Bloxberg.

Bloxberg is a secure global blockchain infrastructure that was established by a consortium of researchers and research organizations. The network provides science with decentralised services worldwide and broadens the scientific landscape beyond regionally and nationally governed blockchain networks. Bloxberg is the first truly globally maintained scientific decentralized network for scientists.

Decentralised applications can be developed on top of Bloxberg by third parties, association/consortium members, and scientists. The Bloxberg Association is dedicated to fostering the development of apps that benefit the scientific ecosystem.

Sandra Vengadasalam's vision is to bring science to the forefront of blockchain technology, making it accessible to researchers and scientists around the world. With Bloxberg, researchers can access a secure and decentralized platform that is not limited by geographic boundaries. The network offers a wealth of possibilities for scientific research, and the development of new decentralized applications.