GIST Training Unit 1: Industry 4.0 Tehcnologies

Traditionally viewed as a sector that relies on handcrafted and manufacturing processes, the furniture industry has embraced new technologies in the last years. Thus furniture companies have to keep up with the increasing technological transformation – a challenging task for organisations and requiring personnel with skills they never had before.

Under this context, GIST will strengthen those key skills and competencies by developing a novel training e-course to achieve the basic competencies for SMEs to reach the status of bionic enterprise.

LU1: What is Bionic Transformation?

Module LU1 will present a hypothetical case, upon which it will be shown which are the key components for preparing the digital transformation strategy. Furthermore, it will be explained how the company benefits from the bionic transformation, which challenges it needs to overcome and how to prepare both the technological and staff capability for the transformation.

LU2: Technological Drivers of Bionic Transformation

Module LU2 delves into the most cutting-edge technologies driving the bionic transformation, including Big Data, Cloud Services, 3D printing and custom manufacturing, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Robotics, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity.

LU3: 3DP and Custom Manufacturing and How to Maximise the Benefits for the Wood and Furniture Industry

3D printing streamlines simplifies, and reduces the cost of designing furniture. In module LU3, you will learn how creating lightweight furniture prototypes quickly and inexpensively with 3D printing enables designers to test their creations more thoroughly and maximise the beneficial features in the finished product.

LU4: Robotics 

Module LU4 will explain why robotics have numerous benefits for the furniture sector, especially in improving the quality of the manufactured product throughout the production process, but also in reducing margins of error, reducing the risk of injury to personnel, guaranteeing product uniformity, etc.

LU5: Cloud Services 

Cloud Computing is shaping how we live and work today. Simply put, Cloud computing delivers computing services over the internet (The Cloud) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. These include servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and Intelligence. In module LU5, you will look at some of the reasons why cloud services are so important, their benefits and the most popular applications of cloud services.

LU6: Augmented and Virtual Reality

Technology has changed the way we communicate and interact with the world. Companies have found a hundred ways to market their products and services and get their message to their target audience. In module LU6, we will explain why today, the advantages offered by technology do not end at the limits of the screen of our devices or computers and how using augmented, virtual and/or mixed reality lets enterprises interact with their environment, offering a more engaging and experiential way to reach users. 

LU7: Big Data

The term “big data” seems to pop up everywhere. In module LU7, we will verify the possible use of knowing how to deal with Big Data.


Who is it for?

Civil Society - Citizens
Construction Industry Players
National & Regional Authorities

To help SMEs acquire the fundamental skills required to achieve this "Bionic Status," GIST creates cutting-edge training materials. It has a special emphasis on businesses in the furniture industry, a sector where the fourth industrial revolution had not yet made a significant impact.

The project's primary target audience is SMEs in the furniture and associated sectors, as well as national and regional authorities and civil society.


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