GIST Training Unit 3: Bionic Transformation Management

Traditionally viewed as a sector that relies on handcrafted and manufacturing processes, the furniture industry has embraced new technologies in the last years. Thus furniture companies have to keep up with the increasing technological transformation – a challenging task for organisations and requiring personnel with skills they never had before.

Under this context, GIST strengthens those key skills and competencies by developing a novel training e-course to achieve the basic competencies for SMEs to reach the status of bionic enterprise.

LU11: System Thinking

Systems thinking is a comprehensive analysis approach that focuses on how the individual components of a system are interrelated and how systems function over time and in the context of larger systems. In module LU11, you will learn how systems thinking can be applied in any field of research.

LU12: Bionic Transformation support organisations

In module LU12, you learn about the different actors that can support your organisation's bionic transformation efforts. From technology parks to consultants to industry associations, there are many resources available to help you navigate the complex landscape of digital transformation.

LU13: Bionic Transformation Funding Opportunities

In module LU13, you learn about the different sources of funding available for bionic transformation initiatives. We show how to research and apply for grants and approach private investors to get the resources you need to succeed.



Who is it for?

Civil Society - Citizens
Construction Industry Players
National & Regional Authorities

To help SMEs acquire the fundamental skills required to achieve this "Bionic Status," GIST creates cutting-edge training materials. It has a special emphasis on businesses in the furniture industry, a sector where the fourth industrial revolution had not yet made a significant impact.

The project's primary target audience is SMEs in the furniture and associated sectors, as well as national and regional authorities and civil society.

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