Transforming The Built Environment: Implementing Change and Transformation in the Built and Urban Environment to Meet the UNSDGs - A High Level Expert Workshop

On 16-18 January 2023, the Chalmers University of Technology hosts a workshop in partnership with UN-Habitat and the Gothenburg City Council. The event examines the impacts of the built and urban environment and the required changes and transformation of policy, process, and practice in order to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

The high-level workshop clarifies what needs to be changed and what the UN may need to do to get an agreement globally and facilitate these significant next steps for
industries, professions, governments, agencies, local authorities, and the public in general. The event focuses on Europe and involves a range of experts from this region of the world.

The programme mainly focuses on:

  • Developing an understanding of what the built and urban environment would be like if the UN SDGs were met in 2030
  • Building an implementation strategy and measures for change and transformation for policy and practice from a position that currently is way behind what is required by 2030.

The results of the workshop will influence and feed into the ongoing work of UN Habitat, the World Sustainable Built Environments Conference in Montreal in 2023 and the ongoing project work being led by Holger Wallbaum and Colin Fudge.

At the event, Michela Magas, member and NEB High-level roundtable representative, contextualises in a talk on how to implement change and transformation in the built and urban environment.

External event
Gothenburg, Sweden