Unlocking the power of innovative learning tools for bionic transformation

The "Unlocking the power of innovative learning tools  for bionic transformation" event marks the end of the Erasmus+ GIST project by presenting the on-line learning course Facilitator for Bionic Transformation
The course is designed for companies that seek to keep up with the increasing demands of the technological transformation – a challenging task for organizations requiring personnel with the skills they may not had before. Companies that understand how to lead a bionic transformation can make rapid progress and create substantial value.

At the online event you will get to know from the key speakers several interesting digital tools that can support wood/furniture and construction companies in strengthening those key skills and achieving the basic competencies to reach the status of a bionic company.
Moreover, you will get to know what the key building blocks of a bionic company are and how to become one.



  • 15:00 - Opening: Furniture education going digital: what are the innovative learning tools for wood and furniture industries. Radmila Ustych (moderator), InnovaWood
  • 15:10 - Bionical digital transformation for SMEs. Overview of GIST e-learning tools. Radmila Ustych, InnovaWood
  • 15:40 - digiNEB.eu: best practices, trainings and digital solutions for the  New European Bauhaus ecosystem. Maria Giuffrida, Trust-IT Services
  • 16:00 - Questions and answers, open discussion.
    • How to make the training in the furniture sector more attractive by offering digital tools 
    • What digital tools can help companies become bionic and stay ahead of the competition
  • 16:30 - Closing words, feedback form
  • 17:00 - End of the event



Unlocking the power of innovative learning tools  for bionic transformation