Using digital solutions in the construction industry? Apply as a digiNEB Early Adopter and make a dent at EU level!

Digital innovations are key to achieving the NEB goals

Digital solutions have been identified as a crucial element in achieving the goals of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative, aiming to promote sustainability, beauty, and inclusivity in the built environment and will be a catalyser in achieving these objectives.

One of the reasons digital solutions are so important is that they can support sustainable design, construction, and operation of buildings by enabling more precise analysis and optimisation of energy use, water consumption, and material selection. This is particularly important given the urgent need to address climate change and reduce the environmental impact of the built environment. 

In addition, digital technologies can help to create visually stunning and engaging designs that enhance the aesthetic appeal of buildings. For example, virtual and augmented reality tools can be used to visualise and simulate building designs, allowing experts in the field to experience and refine the design before construction.

Finally, digital solutions can promote inclusivity by enabling greater participation and engagement from diverse stakeholders in the design process. Online platforms and crowdsourcing tools can solicit input and feedback from a broad range of individuals and communities, ensuring that the built environment is responsive to the needs and preferences of all users.

Overall, the New European Bauhaus initiative recognises the potential of digital solutions to support sustainable, beautiful, and inclusive building environments and local spaces and is committed to leveraging digital solutions to create a better future for all.


The project: a key enabler to shape a greener, more inclusive and beautiful future

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, High-Performance Computing, IoT, and other innovative digital solutions and services, offer the unprecedented opportunity of building local digital twins, data platforms, and data spaces for climate-neutral communities. As stated by the European Construction Sector Observatory in their latest "Digitalisation in the construction sector" report, “Digitalisation is both inevitable and pivotal for the competitiveness and sustainability of the European construction sector”. 

Digital adoption, however, is not always fostered in building environments. As presented in "Investigating Adoption of Digital Technologies in Construction Projects", this is driven by high investments needed to develop digital solutions, lack of commitment and cultural barriers, and low internal efficient processes. Thus, the construction industry remains the least digitalised.

In this scenario, the project has the overarching goal of showcasing the benefits of digital solutions by providing a dedicated ecosystem for selecting and adopting digital solutions. The ecosystem helps NEB actors scout the most relevant digital solutions by accessing the Digital Toolkit and understanding their practical applications by reading inspiring success stories stored in the Observatory.

The Early Adopters Programme

To further support the adoption of digitalisation in the building environment, the project has launched the Early Adopters programme, open to all architects, designers and engineers with direct experience using digital tools aligned with the New European Bauhaus (NEB) principles.

The programme aims to engage with players that have successfully adopted digital solutions, showcasing benefits and ease of implementation to other players in the sector.

By becoming an Early Adopter, experts can make visible, both at local and pan-European levels, their direct experience in NEB-related projects in all domains, from concept, planning, design, construction, or decommissioning.

digiNEB's Early Adopters Programme helps each member gain visibility at the local and European levels. This will happen in several ways, from having a dedicated space on the web to joining webinars and workshops where Early Adopters can showcase their best practices in applying digital solutions. will also support Early Adopters to act in their local community to spread the values and opportunities brought by NEB.

Applying to become an Early Adopter is open to all European professionals!

The Early Adopters programme