digiNEB.eu at Barcelona Smart City World Congress 2022

    About the Barcelona Smart City World Congress 2022

    Smart City Expo World Congress is an international event held annually in Barcelona. The congress brings players from cities all around the world to bring forward discussions to create a better future for cities and their citizens.

    This year the congress has focused on two main themes:

    Towards zero waste

    Towards zero waste is an initiative in line with the European Commission’s Circular Economy strategy based on the use of fewer materials, reuse and recycling of products, and no food waste. Since 2016, local initiatives and projects have been invited to present their objectives to create efficient, inclusive and sustainable cities to show practical examples that can be followed by other cities.

    Towards inclusivity

    Towards Inclusivity highlights all the actions taken to make sure the event is accessible to all and that everyone feels represented and has a voice here. In particular, the event has taken solutions and actions towards disability, gender, beliefs, languages and baby care.


    digiNEB.eu at Barcelona Smart City World Congress 2022

    digiNEB.eu has actively taken part to two sessions of the SCEWC in Barcelona, namely:

    • 15 November 2022 (16.30-18). Booth Session "Data-driven co-creation," focusing on how data-driven approaches can make a difference for NEB, with a particular emphasis on simulation and monitoring tools in urban planning and design. The session was convened by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and featured the participation of EERA Smart CitiesCrAFt, digiNEB.eu as main speakers (DS4SCC and Living-in.EU also joined the audience and discussion).
    • 16 November 2022 (13.45-14.45). Green Agora Session "Digital Twins for Local Decision Makers," focusing on how digitalisation can enable liveable cities and foster citizens' engagement. The session featured the participation of projects Living-in.EU, digiNEB.eu, DS4SSCC, DUETCOMPAIRAURORALUserCentriCitiesCIVITAS.