The NEB Observatory: Fostering initiatives and promoting practices for the New European Bauhaus

The New European Bauhaus (NEB) movement and the project are paving the way for digitalisation in sustainability and design. Digital tools such as 3D modelling, virtual reality, and other innovative technologies can transform our living spaces into more sustainable, inclusive, and visually appealing environments. These technologies can help architects and designers to reimagine how buildings, public spaces, and landscapes can work in harmony with nature while still meeting the needs of people.

However, successful digitalisation requires more than just tools and technology. It also requires active and dynamic communities of developers, adopters, and practitioners who can collaborate and exchange ideas to bring these digital solutions to life. The NEB and projects provide a platform for these communities to come together, share their knowledge, and collaborate on the development of cutting-edge digital solutions.

As part of NEB’s ecosystem, the NEB Observatory aims to map and monitor EU-funded initiatives related to the New European Bauhaus environment to raise awareness of NEB programmes and provide the opportunity to collaborate through its Thematic Working Groups (TWGs).

While still in its initial stages, the NEB Observatory already includes success stories linked to relevant EU-funded projects and initiatives which show how the practical application of digital solutions can potentially benefit the NEB ecosystem. Additionally, it provides a platform for the Technical Working Group members, a group of renowned experts of the NEB digital ecosystem, to stimulate discussion and share best practices to provide strategic policy recommendations. The TWGs are focused on four main topics:

  • Design and Architecture;
  • Production and Construction;
  • Verticals;
  • Community and Sustainability. 

Finally, it includes the latest events and Early Adopters news linked to the’s project and its community at large.

Would you like to share your success story, be inspired by successful use cases, or contribute to our Thematic Working Group discussions?



NEB Observatory