New European Bauhaus at CERN IdeaSquare: main highlights

Over the course of three days (from 27 February to 1 March 2023), experts in artistic and digital environments recently participated in the "High-level co-creation lab on digitally-enabled approaches to sustainability, inclusion and aesthetics" workshop, held at CERN IdeaSquare, to explore methodologies for experimental innovation and learning through doing.

The workshop covered a wide range of topics and included practical examples of how digitalisation can help apply the NEB principles of beauty, inclusivity, and sustainability in local contexts through NEB Lighthouse projects, smart communities, and industrial initiatives.

In addition to these discussions, participants also had the opportunity to shape the future of the upcoming NEB Academy, which will play a critical role in filling the knowledge gap needed to locally implement NEB principles. The workshop was curated by Michela Magas, a NEB High-Level Round Table member, in partnership with the digiNEB project, which aims to promote the NEB principles by increasing the adoption of digital solutions.

The workshop was a valuable opportunity for experts in artistic and digital environments to share their knowledge and ideas and explore how the NEB principles can be applied in practical and innovative ways.

Do you have any experience in adopting digital solutions to pursue NEB's values? Tell us your story and become one of our Early Adopters!

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