Press Release - kicks off!

Digital solutions are essential to achieve the ambitious objectives of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) and provides a dedicated ecosystem for selecting and adopting such solutions. is an initiative funded by the European Commission under the Digital Europe Programme (DEP), and it kicked off its 2-year journey this 3rd and 4th of October 2022. It aims to foster digital solutions resulting from European research, thereby boosting the growing New European Bauhaus (NEB) movement. bridges the digital R&I and NEB communities and raises awareness around EU digital solutions for all NEB actors, establishing a pan-European digital ecosystem. With its lean action plan, enables Europe’s Green Deal ambition in designing and building greener and more inclusive living spaces for a better quality of life.


Digitalisation is at the core of NEB development

The adoption of new digital technologies, including - but not limited to - Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, High-Performance Computing, IoT, and other innovative digital solutions and services, offers the unprecedented opportunity of building local digital twins, data platforms, and data spaces for climate-neutral communities. The local digital infrastructures help share data in secure environments where single access points facilitate knowledge acquisition for citizens, communities and cities.

Consequently, the NEB movement cannot exist without a strong foundation of digital solutions supporting the implementation of its core values (sustainability, aesthetics and inclusion) at local levels. As Eddy Hartog, Head of Unit Technologies for Smart Communities (CNECT.C.3), European Commission points out: “If you have a good set of data, local digital twins, virtual reality, co-design of cities, you can even go beyond architects and artists as you can bring the citizens into the Bauhaus concept. The link between climate change and the green and digital transitions aims to make sure that we use digital elements to make cities green. What we are trying to do is to provide a set of digital recommendations that will help cities to deal with climate change adaptation and mitigation effects. What we really need to make is to have digital solutions, with a purpose and digital investments that are green by design.” 


The role and impact of

In the next 24 months will support the NEB community by developing the NEB Digital Hub web platform constituted of three main components:

  • Training courses: a collaborative online set of courses and training materials that stimulates knowledge and best practice sharing;
  • Digital Toolkit: Online environment comprising more than 200 digital solutions that can be adopted by the NEB ecosystem;
  • Observatory: Complete collection of more than 500 EU-funded initiatives related to the New European Bauhaus environment that helps to raise awareness towards NEB programmes and encourage the creation of collaborative opportunities.

All services will be freely available to all stakeholder groups of NEB, from Architects, Designers, Engineers, Researchers, Manufacturers, and Construction Companies. 


How to get involved?

Learn and be heard in the thematic Thematic Working Groups (discussing Design and Architecture, Production and Construction, Verticals, and Community and Sustainability), meeting top-class experts and potential business partners; stimulate discussions and share best practices. is looking for “Champions” in the exploitation of innovative digital solutions in NEB local projects: contact us at The Early Adopters will act as local Ambassadors of NEB, helping share best practices and exploiting synergies within local communities in Europe.


More on has received funding from the EU’s Digital Europe Programme under Grant Agreement no. 101083743.


Who's behind is powered by a lean Consortium of six Partners with extensive experience in the European research, innovation and digital landscape and the New European Bauhaus. It is composed by:


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