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High-level co-creation lab on digitally-enabled approaches to sustainability, inclusion and aesthetics

27.02-01.03.2023 | CERN IdeaSquare | Geneva, Switzerland

The workshop, hosted by CERN IdeaSquare, comprises inspirational talks and proceeds to “think and do tanks” on topics that include the new NEB Academy for a sustainable built environment, multidisciplinary Smart Communities, and digitally-enabled beyond-human ecosystems. The event also involves the CERN Green Village, a newly launched project where they offer integrated spaces for living and working and easy access that prioritises soft mobility.

The workshop is curated by Michela Magas, a member of the NEB High-Level Round Table in partnership with the digiNEB.eu project aims to join the NEB community by enabling technology projects. The event runs for 2.5 days starting on the afternoon of Monday 27th February.