Ehitajate Tee 5 12616 Tallinn, Estonia, Estonia
June 2022-May 2025
5 G- Timber project
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It is expected that in the coming years, the implementation of 5G in the EU manufacturing sector will drive €458.3 billion in additional industry revenues and €131.8 billion in added GDP contributions. The use of 5G technology along with other enabling technologies, such as edge-computing and AI, can bring up to 20% to 30% increase in productivity. However, 5G and smart manufacturing are currently more widely adopted in verticals with high-volume, easily standardisable, low-margin business models where cost-savings and productivity efficiency are necessary to achieve economies of scale. The use of 5G, edge-computing AI by small and medium manufacturers is rare due to costly technological risks and a lack of best practices.


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To support the rapid uptake of 5G technologies, considering real industrial practices and constraints in the EU timber industry over the whole value chain, focusing on small-volume manufacturing industries. Working closely with wood industries, 5G-Timber aims to increase wood-based materials recycling by 50%, increase productivity by 15%, reach 99% of the work done in the factory (vs. 85% today), reduce on-site work by 10%, reduce product nonconformities by 10%, and increase workers’ safety in wooden houses production and onsite assembling.


The 5G-TIMBER project will address the challenges outline above by developing 5G-enabled UCs and implementing field trials for different small and medium size manufacturing industries: small volume machinery, hand-assembled elements production, and construction focusing on the wood value chain (WVC). The project will demonstrate key innovations in the field of timber material models; open standards for production data, and secure exchange thereof; data analytics at the edge; precise indoor localization; Digital Twin (DT) and augmented reality (AR); industrial IoT.



Technical factsheet

  • Date: June 2022-May 2025
  • Funded EU
  • NEB Value Sustainability
  • Location Ehitajate Tee 5 12616 Tallinn, Estonia, Estonia
  • Application category Building | Innovation
  • Related Technical Working Group Production and construction

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