France, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, the Netherlands, European
January 2019-December 2025
Innovation Policy

The Living-in.EU movement aspires to generate a positive impact on the lives of over 300 million European citizens by 2025 and leverages a multi-level collaboration between the various levels of government (national, regional and urban) to “build a European way of Digital Transformation”.

The project bears in mind the fact that the uptake and the scaling-up of digital solutions, in cooperation with the local communities, are crucial elements for cities to achieve climate targets and reduce their environmental footprint while promoting the growth of businesses such as SMEs and start-ups.

The movement was launched in 2019 upon the initiative of Eurocities, OASC (Open & Agile Smart Cities) and ENoLL (European Network of Living Labs), with the support of the European Commission, the Finnish EU Presidency, and the Committee of the Region. The declaration Boost, Join, Sustain represents a significant milestone in defining the European Way of digitally transforming cities and communities, which is essential to guarantee technological leadership in the EU while honouring Europe’s values, rights and diversities.

The mayor of Zaragoza (Spain) testifies that Living-in.EU can assist a digital transition that is crucial to reach climate targets by 2030 and states that thanks to it, “Zaragoza is going to become one of the 100 climate-neutral EU cities”. To this day, the Living-in.EU declaration has been signed by more than 150 local, regional and national authorities from 23 different countries and is supported by more than 130 companies and organizations.


How can I be involved in this movement?

Living-in.EU has five working groups,  which any local, regional or national authority who has signed the declaration can join via the online platform, based on their commitment

  • Technical: formulating a common list of standards to achieve the interoperability of digital solutions (MIMs)
  • Education & Capacity Building: solutions for the development of the necessary skills for a connected society
  • Financial: joint investment plan to promote a sustainable digital transformation
  • Monitoring & Measuring: developing local performance indicators and data collection procedures
  • Legal: supporting cybersecurity and removing legal obstacles to the digital transformation of cities

… and work together on the developing digital solution:

  • Urban Data Platforms: secure and customizable data-sharing platform for cities
  • Local Data Spaces: infrastructure that enables data transactions between different data ecosystem parties based on the governance framework of that data space, bring together a variety of data from different sources in a harmonised manner
  • AI Procurement: EU standard contractual clauses for the procurement of ethical AI
  • Local Digital Twin: local digital twin that guarantees cybersecurity and privacy


Living-in.EU stands out as a reference point for a sustainable urban digitalisation that can contribute to the future of Europe’s technological leadership. The movement leverages the cooperation between communities and local authorities to ensure a better quality of life and the achievement of the Green Deal goals on time. This project’s objectives are consistent with the New European Bauhaus (NEB)’s fundamental points of Sustainability and Inclusivity.

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  • Date: January 2019-December 2025
  • Location France, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, the Netherlands, European
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