Adornostrasse 8 70599 Stuttgart, Germany, Germany
January 2020-June 2022
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ROSEWOOD4.0 harnesses digital solutions and boosts knowledge transfer to connect multiple actors along the forest value chain to reinforce the sustainability of wood mobilisation in Europe.

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The projects builds on the ROSEWOOD network of regional hubs, extending this well-established network both in geographical reach and the breadth of tools and solutions shared with stakeholders across Europe.


The mission of ROSEWOOD4.0 was to connect actors to address and find answers to the main challenges in the field by putting a focus on digital solutions, tools, and corresponding knowledge transfer actions.

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By creating adapted materials and sharing knowledge on technological and non-technological best practices, ROSEWOOD4.0 helped to close the knowledge gaps and create new opportunities for economic partnerships. ROSEWOOD4.0 focused on the tailored transfer of practical knowledge that supports stakeholders in exploiting BP&I and facilitates the capture of innovative ideas.

The project also provided practitioners with developed skills (educational and entrepreneurial), leveraging the uptake of new ideas in daily business.


Technical factsheet

  • Date: January 2020-June 2022
  • Funded EU
  • NEB Value Sustainability
  • Location Adornostrasse 8 70599 Stuttgart, Germany, Germany
  • Application category Innovation
  • Related Technical Working Group Production and construction

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