March 2021-June 2022

SISMA is an InterregMED project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The project has lasted 21 months, in which the SISMA partnership has worked to define an innovative financing scheme for deep energy retrofitting of public buildings.

After the first “survey” phase, partners identified EU best practices developed for applying EE measures in public buildings and European stakeholders already active on these topics, the SISMA Model was elaborated.

The model, composed of an Excel® file and a set of guidelines for its compilation, would support public authorities in better using resources available for the renovation of public buildings. Including few data about the building, such as the year of construction, thermal and electrical demands and the proposed types of investments, the tool gives a snapshot of the minimum amount of public subsidy needed to activate financial mechanisms, such as the Energy Performance Contract-EPC, and consider the investment “bankable” for the private market.

In addition, the clear definition of the complete process (from initial audit to commissioning and M&V-Measurement & Verification, compliant with ICP International protocols) helps local public authorities in identifying “lighter” and easiest tendering procedures and in prioritising investments. Thus, by saving the constraints that hold back public authorities from undertaking deep energy refurbishment of public buildings, SISMA SET Model supports the fulfilment of the requirements set by the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (2013/31/EU) on public buildings: minimum energy performance requirements for the major renovation of buildings and Nearly Zero Energy Buildings by 31st December 2018.

Finally with the Final Conference the main specific objective of project has been successfully achieved through improved support to Energy Performance Contracts, through knowledge Energy Performance Contracts and through increased use of Energy Performance Contracts.



Using Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) to undertake deep energy refurbishment of buildings may be a solution for public authorities which otherwise may find it impossible to face the investment. However, it usually holds back the majority of the ESCOs because of the following obstacles:

  • Long payback times and low IRRs (Internal Rate of Return), especially on envelopes and glazing.
  • Financial indicators below the minimum levels required by the market.
  • Long-term investments in building renovation, especially in the MED countries where HDD (Heating Degree Days) are on average low.

The SISMA Subsidy Evaluation Tool (SET) allows public authorities to present bankable and market-ready projects where a clear definition of the complete process (from initial audit to commissioning and M&V-Measurement & Verification) is assured together with savings and cash flows over the years, and where the project’s IRR (Internal Rate of Return) is adequate, considering the interest rate required for projects with a similar risk-reward profile.

The SISMA Subsidy Evaluation Tool (SET) helps public administrations make energy refurbishment of building projects attractive to ESCOs.

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