Igloi ut 2. 3519 Miskolc Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Hungary, Hungary
October 2019-December 2021
Spread of Innovative Solution for Sustainable Construction
Building Innovation Urban Design

The majority of people know very little about the effects of the environment and how they are caused. The project hopes to close this gap by employing both online and traditional educational resources. In order to increase users' baseline knowledge and environmental awareness, they should be simple to use and comprehend. The information will include simple-to-read concept definitions, real-world applications for laypeople, best practices, and even prospective cost-cutting measures.

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The general public, young adults who are interested in housing and attend housing events and websites, and the man on the street who is interested in building or renovating a house are the project's key target audiences. By identifying the key stakeholders who can be involved in raising environmental awareness, one can establish personal contact with the representatives of various organizations, such as local governments, chambers, NGOs, and designers.


The mission of the IS-SusCon project was:

• to transfer innovative and practical knowledge about the environmental impacts of building materials to people wishing to build or renovate their houses.
• to develop an easy-to-understand educational material for the life cycle approach to construction and about the environmental product declaration (EPD) and footprinting of building materials.
• to develop an easy-to-use web application for construction material – to compare those environmental, and economical (price, market available) characteristics.
• to enhance the environmental sensitivity of the population to support the achievement of sustainability goals from the demand side.

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The main priority of the project is putting life-cycle thinking into practice to help the construction industry in finding a sustainable pathway.
The international cooperation of the project is also justified by the fact that there is a lack of software background in Hungary capable of life-cycle impact assessments. As a result of BIONOVA's earlier research, the carbon content calculated for the construction industry is a good starting point for the strategic partnership of Ecoinnovazione's circular solutions to develop a multi-pillar guide and web application.



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Technical factsheet

  • Date: October 2019-December 2021
  • Funded EU
  • NEB Value Sustainability
  • Location Igloi ut 2. 3519 Miskolc Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Hungary, Hungary
  • Application category Building | Innovation | Urban Design
  • Related Technical Working Group Production and construction

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