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Industry Commons Foundation

Industry Commons builds systems for an accountable open innovation production value network, which enables innovative solutions by combining existing industry capabilities.

Industry Commons responds to the rapid transformation of enabling technologies by creating a platform for hybrid applications across industries. Disruptions to the industrial paradigm are accelerating and opening routes to collaborative and co-creative business value beyond the current business models. With its open approach, Industry Commons integrates all elements required for this industrial transition.

The Industry Commons Ecosystem (ICE) includes a 8000+ global multidisciplinary expert community with exceptional knowledge and experience of innovation testbeds, as well as a creative approach to problem solving and technology transfer skills. Over 10 years of translating thought into practice, this innovator community has gone through remarkable upskilling with cutting edge methodologies and groundbreaking experiments in AI, 5G, blockchain and IoT. Industry Commons joins these diverse experts with cutting edge research and industry to create hybrid solutions for emerging markets and establish future standards.