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ACE/EAAE Conference & Third EAAE Deans’ Summit

20-21.04.2023 | ACE/EAAE | Brussels, Belgium

How can architects take up a role when things become difficult? In times of political uncertainty, inhabiting a fragile earth. How do we train architectural students to cope with complex environments? How do our curricula and further activities ensure that their social engagement and caring attitude becomes truly impactful? How do we uncover necessary ‘soft’ skills in our curricula? And how does this relate to other goals of the educational agenda?

In this context, the Architects Council of Europe (ACE) and the European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE) have decided to seize the opportunity of the 2023 European Year of Skills to organise the ACE/EAAE conference that aims to promote a mindset of reskilling and upskilling among the profession and explore innovative training and upskilling strategies.

The architectural profession plays a key role in achieving a high-quality built environment. It is of utmost importance to empower architects to face the challenges of our time and equip them with the necessary skills to contribute to the green and digital transitions, as well as innovation and competitiveness in the construction and buildings sectors.

In addition, the ACE and EAAE teams are co-organising the 3rd Dean’s Summit, where invited experts talk about impact-full communication tools, persuasive propositions, convincing presentations, action-based studio’s and necessary caring competences. The Dean’s Summit is, in this perspective, a follow up on the theme of the ACE-EAAE Conference.

It is possible to join the conference and the Dean's Summit:

  • on-site: the event will take place in Brussels at the ULB Faculty of Architecture La Cambre Horta, 19 Place Eugène Flagey, Brussels (registration in the limit of available capacity).
  • online: the conference will be web-streamed from the ACE website and via YouTube.

If you would like to join the Conference and Dean's Summit, register for free on the official website.