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digiNEB.eu at itAIS 2023 Conference Workshop

13.10.2023 | 11:00 | University of Turin | Turin, Italy

Transdisciplinary Synergies for a Flourishing Future: the New European Bauhaus as a Catalyst for Innovation and Change

In the context of intricate global challenges, the New European Bauhaus (NEB) presents an integrative framework to achieve the objectives of the Green Deal.

Emphasising sustainability, inclusivity, and aesthetics, the NEB advocates for a comprehensive, participatory, and multi-stakeholder methodology. Drawing from the NEB's principles, this workshop offers an avenue to explore strategic collaborations and innovations that can catalyse sectoral transformations. The discussion will encompass adaptive decision-making, emergent business models, and the pivotal roles of digital tools and education in facilitating change. Digital solutions provide unparalleled opportunities for knowledge dissemination and collaborative endeavours, while education acts as a catalyst, enhancing societal capacity for sustainable actions.

itAIS 2023 Workshop

The workshop is structured into two distinct segments: an initial panel discussion on the aforementioned themes and a showcase of research that aligns with these topics. The overarching objective of this workshop is to facilitate a robust exchange of ideas and experiences, thereby promoting the integration of NEB principles into standard practices. This engagement transcends academic dialogue, serving as an impetus for actionable, multi-level change. digiNEB.eu will present during this workshop in a panel discussion entitled "NEB Initiatives and Projects", showcasing its catalogue of digital solutions mapping NEB-related initiatives from all across Europe.