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How can timber construction and digitalisation boost the New European Bauhaus?

23.05.2023 | 15:00 | Online

Wood is an extremely versatile, beautiful natural material and can play a decisive role in decarbonising the building sector. So-called "Timber cities" can store carbon for decades or even centuries in buildings using long-life engineered wood products. Architects, designers and engineers have become increasingly interested in building with wood and other biomaterials to transform the built environment into sustainable, beautiful and inclusive living spaces for the future.

This webinar presents the state-of-the-art of digitalisation in wood construction and architecture. Digital tools and Industry 4.0 allow to better integrate the whole process from design, planning, pre-fabrication and construction. The talks will illustrate the following:

  • How digital tools enable companies to build better, faster, and more cost-effective and make wood buildings more competitive;
  • How beautiful buildings are created, using resources efficiently, avoiding waste and storing carbon;
  • How leading companies adopt digital transformation and facilitate better collaboration in the construction ecosystem;
  • How all of this contributes to the ambitions of the New European Bauhaus.

The webinar is co-organised by InnovaWood, the main EU network for wood research, innovation and education, together with the projects digiNEB.eu, Basajaun and the Wood4Bauhaus Alliance.

digiNEB.eu Third Webinar - Agenda

15:00 - 15:10: Opening: The role of wood products in the green transformation of cities.

Uwe Kies and Vanesa BaƱo (moderators), InnovaWood - EU network for wood research & education, Belgium

15:10 - 15:30: Company case 1: Digitalisation in design, production and construction of cross-laminated timber buildings.

Albino Angeli, X-Lam Dolomiti, Italy

15:30 - 15:50: BIM software for the design and production of timber structures.

Xurxo Ojea, Cadwork.com, Spain

15:50 - 16:10: Use case 2: Long-span structures and mid-rise timber buildings with glued laminated timber.

Jannick Jahnke, Simonin SAS, France

16:10 - 16:30: Panel discussion: How can digital wood construction contribute to NEB

Prof. Anetta Kepczynska-Walczak

Albino Angeli, X-Lam Dolomiti

Xurxo Ojea, Cadwork.com

Jannick Jahnke, Simonin SAS

16:30 - Closing of the event