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World Congress of Architects | UIA 2023 | Copenhagen

02-06.07.2023 | UIA | Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen (Denmark) has been selected as the host city for the upcoming World Congress of Architects organised by the International Union of Architects (UIA). The highly anticipated event, held every three years, takes place from 2-6 July 2023. This marks the first time the World Congress will be held in a Nordic country, as the Nordic Section of the UIA secured the bid for 2023.

The UIA World Congress of Architects is a renowned gathering that attracts architects, urban planners, and industry professionals from around the globe. It serves as a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and discussion on the latest trends, innovations, and challenges in architecture.

The previous editions of the World Congress were held in various iconic locations worldwide, including Rio de Janeiro (2021), Seoul (2017), Durban (2014), and Tokyo (2011), among others. The selection of Copenhagen as the host city for 2023 reflects the region's growing prominence in the architectural world.

The UIA World Congress of Architects is an unparalleled opportunity for professionals to engage in insightful discussions, attend informative sessions, and network with like-minded individuals. It catalyses innovation and creativity, inspiring participants to push boundaries and shape the future of architecture. The event aims to create an immersive and impactful experience for attendees, showcasing the rich architectural heritage and contemporary developments in Denmark and the Nordic region.

Architects, urban planners, students, and enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the 2023 World Congress in Copenhagen. The event promises to be a memorable gathering of minds, where the best and brightest in the industry will come together to explore new possibilities, exchange ideas, and contribute to advancing architecture on a global scale.