AR Mobile Application for Groundwater Visualisation

What is it?

The solution provides a new communication channel between utilities and citizens. The ability to run and visualise simulations goes beyond the static depiction of facts and figures, making it possible to interact with the public and assess its perception of drinking water sources.

It enables the visualisation of geology and groundwater and highlights its relevance as a drinking water resource and a “hidden part” of the water cycle.


Who is it for?

Civil Society - Citizens
National & Regional Authorities
Policy Makers - Green Deal

The application can be used for multiple communication purposes (tourism, education, conflict management, discussion with environmental agencies, etc.), making geology and groundwater visible. In addition, the supporting visualisation can prove valuable in other professional areas where situational awareness of the inaccessible regions is key, e.g. in the renaturalisation of polluted subsurface and underground bodies.

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