What is it?

BIMPRINTER® robot is bridging the gap between the digital twin of a project and its set-up on site. The automation of building layout is  approved for doing the job fast, accurately and even better than traditional methods.

BIMPRINTER® is a full robotic high definition plotter,  tracing at laser millimeter accuracy, straight on slabs with all the associated details of your digital project. No more reading errors. Construction workers now have a clear and immediate vision of the partitions, walls and techniques of the project.

Accuracy of 2mm - Printing of your points, lines, framing, curves, texts and quotations - Layout can be printed on various supports such as concrete, asphalt, wood, roofing - Print perfectly on sloping ground (slope up to 15%) - Adapted to all types of building sites and particularly to the most complex ones - No more working on your knees, our robot plays out while you prepare next steps.


Who is it for?

Architects - Designers - Engineers
Construction Industry Players

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