BrainBox AI

What is it?

BrainBox AI is an innovative technology leveraging Artificial Intelligence to optimise HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems to improve occupant comfort and decrease energy consumption. The device can be installed quickly and connects to the building management system (BMS). The device then sends all relevant data to the cloud, where the AI model can process, analyse, and optimise the operating states, conditions, controls, and energy consumption of the HVAC system within the building. This enables the building owner to save on energy consumption and related costs, reduce GHG emissions and get data and reports that users can check via a simple yet comprehensive dashboard.

BrainBox AI maps and learns the thermal behaviour, optimises energy consumption in real-time and continuously improves its optimisation function by adjusting the HVAC equipment usage of a building every 5 minutes, 24/7.


Who is it for?

Construction Industry Players

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