What is it?

“CDWaste-ManageVET”-Developing VET for addressing Construction and Demolition Waste Management skills needs, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union which aims to promote VET for employees on construction sector by addressing modern training needs following EU priorities regarding current CDW management rules and circular economy. Through the CDWaste-ManageVET project, a modern and innovative e-training VET program was developed, based on Vocational Open Online Course (VOOC), tailored to labour market needs and targeted to bridge the skills gap and shortages in CDW Management by upskilling the existing workforce and equipping people in constructor sector with the necessary skills to effectively manage waste.

Who is it for?

Architects - Designers - Engineers
Construction Industry Players
Policy Makers - Green Deal

To address the demand for "green" skills in the management of construction and demolition waste, the CDWaste-ManageVET initiative aimed to establish professional training for employees.
The tool can be useful for architects, designers, engineers, members of the construction industry, and policymakers.

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