What is it?

The DEFMA MOOC is a comprehensive online course on environmental technologies and sustainable building services that allows learners to follow flexible learning pathways as regards the acquisition of digital and environmental skills relevant to modern facilities management. 

Who is it for?

Architects - Designers - Engineers
Construction Industry Players
Research & Academia

The DEFMA project forms a Strategic Partnership to modernise and enrich the current vocational education and training of the facilities management workforce in Europe, seeking to enhance the labour market relevance of VET for facilities managers to address digital and “green” needs, and also to introduce modern training delivery methods and innovative open access pedagogical resources. It enables learners to acquire and self-assess digital and environmental skills, facilitates mutual recognition of the developed learning outcomes and also establishes a framework towards an EU “green” qualification for facilities managers.
It can be a great tool for academic research, architects, designers, and engineers, as well as other players in the construction industry.


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