What is it?

The SAMDUS platform is a new web platform for data collection, sharing and visualisation among different urban water stakeholders. It improves data interoperability across the various systems and resources (sewer, river and WWTP) and enables coordinated decision-making among a large number of stakeholders (sewer utilities, WWTP operators and water authorities).


Who is it for?

Civil Society - Citizens
National & Regional Authorities
Policy Makers - Green Deal

The SAMDUS platform is implemented in Copenhagen and it provides a full overview of hydraulic capacity, water quality and treatment processes to all involved stakeholders – in this case, BIOFOS, HOFOR and 15 municipalities in charge of sewer management – and so fosters stakeholder engagement and rational decision making based on real-time data, accurate modelling and scenario analysis. The web visualisation platform will cover the total Copenhagen area.

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