What is it?

U-CERT aims to: a) facilitate convergence of quality and reliability, using the set of CEN/ISO EPB standards, enabling a technology neutral approach that is transparently presenting the national and regional choices on a comparable basis, b) Encourage the development and application of holistic user-centred innovative solutions, including the Smart Readiness Indicator for buildings and Indoor Environmental Quality, c) Encourage and support users in decision making (e.g. on deep renovation), nudge for better choices and instil trust by making visible added (building) value, using EPCs.

U-CERT has a focus on strengthening actual implementation of the EPBD by providing and applying insights from a user perspective and creating a level playing field for sharing implementation experience to all involved stakeholders, facilitated and empowered by the EPB Center.

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Who is it for?

Architects - Designers - Engineers
Construction Industry Players
Policy Makers - Green Deal

The quality of user experience of EPCs for general population is strongly dependant on design aspects, such as visual (graphical) representation, content (complexity and contextualization of data), language used, availability of auxiliary services (customer support), quality of certification services (interaction with EPC assessor) etc.

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