Christopher Morris

Job title: Architect
Organisation Name: Arkkitehtitoimisto ALA Oy

Short bio

Christopher Morris is an architect at Arkkitehtitoimisto ALA Oy in Helsinki, who is making waves in the field of sustainable architecture. Currently serving as the project architect for Satama Areena, a groundbreaking development featuring the largest hanging wooden roof in the Nordics, Morris is at the forefront of utilizing innovative timber design techniques and promoting collaborative approaches across all design disciplines.

Driven by a deep passion for timber design, Morris is committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with sustainable building materials. With a keen eye for innovation and a belief in the power of interdisciplinary collaboration, they envision a European future where timber plays a central role in constructing environmentally friendly and visually striking architectural marvels.

At Arkkitehtitoimisto ALA Oy, Morris actively advocates for joint solutions that bring together various design disciplines. By fostering collaboration between architects, engineers, and other experts, Morris aims to unlock new possibilities and advance the use of timber in European construction projects. This approach not only ensures the structural integrity and safety of timber-based designs but also maximizes their potential for creating sustainable, efficient, and visually captivating spaces.