Mercedes Rois

Job title: Director
Organisation Name: XERA Axencia Galega da Industria Forestal

Short bio

Renowned for her vast knowledge and expertise, Mercedes Rois is an independent consultant specializing in forest bioeconomy. With an impressive background in research and management, including 17 years at the prestigious European Forest Institute, Rois has emerged as a key figure in the field.

Rois' primary focus lies in agroforestry systems, where she delves into understanding the motivations and barriers faced by farmers and forest owners when implementing agroforestry practices. Her extensive research also encompasses policies that impact agroforestry implementation and the crucial transfer of scientific findings to these stakeholders. Rois places special emphasis on the interconnections between agroforestry, circular bioeconomy, and the production of bioproducts.

In addition to her expertise in agroforestry, Rois has explored diverse topics, including the digitalization of the forest sector and the transformative impact of social innovations in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Her holistic approach to sustainability encompasses various dimensions of the forest sector.

Recently, Rois has expanded her horizons to include a strong interest in raising awareness and educating children and youth about the potentials of the bioeconomy. As an active member of the #BioHeroes community, she tirelessly promotes bioproducts and the bioeconomy, inspiring future generations to embrace sustainable alternatives. Her dedication to raising awareness extends further as she joins the community of #EuropeanClimatePact Ambassadors, where she plays a vital role in informing, inspiring, and supporting climate action within her communities and networks.

Mercedes Rois' contributions to the field of forest bioeconomy, sustainable development, and climate action have solidified her position as an esteemed expert. Through her research, consultation, and active involvement in communities, she continues to make a profound impact on the path towards a more sustainable and resilient future.