Peter Saghegyi

Job title: Interactive Producer
Organisation Name: sentiomedia

Short bio

Peter Saghegyi works with property developers to provide a unique buying experience and raise the brand value. He is an ex-game developer and video editor who enjoys the building environment.

He was involved in the Ajka's Krypton House, an adaptive reuse project transforming an old factory, which took a significant step forward with an innovative mixed-reality visual presentation. Led by the talented team at Krypton House, the presentation aimed to align representatives from the mayor's office, architects, contractors, and experts from the esteemed New European Bauhaus initiative.

Using cutting-edge technologies such as mixed reality, architectural visualisation, and interactive experiences, the team created a captivating glimpse into the future of the space. The goal was to showcase the envisioned look and usability of the revitalised factory, ensuring a shared understanding among all stakeholders.

Recently, the city welcomed real estate experts from renowned firms Ramboll and Volcano for a site inspection. This visit allowed the experts to witness firsthand how the plans seamlessly come to life in real size. The immersive mixed-reality experience brought the future of Krypton House to the present, allowing everyone involved to grasp the project's potential impact and possibilities.

This exciting progress at Krypton House highlights the transformative power of mixed reality and architectural visualization in adaptive reuse projects. By seamlessly blending technology and design, the team is bringing new life to an old factory and paving the way for a sustainable and visually stunning future.