Sven Aerts

Job title: EU project developer
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Short bio

Sven Aerts is an accomplished professional with a diverse background as an Environmental Engineer, Cognitive Scientist, and holder of a world record for circumnavigating the planet. His passion for exploration and commitment to making a positive impact on society drive his multifaceted career.

With a unique blend of expertise in environmental engineering and cognitive sciences, AERTS leverages his knowledge to develop innovative solutions that address pressing challenges. His work focuses on utilizing the power of technology and human potential to create sustainable, socially impactful initiatives.

As an advocate for athletes, artists, and social entrepreneurs, Aerts actively promotes the EU Dual Career Policy for Athletes from various domains, including sports, arts, dance, and acrobatics. Recognising the financial constraints faced by many athletes and artists, he conducted extensive research and found that setting up social entrepreneurial activities can harness the social capital they possess in their local communities. Aerts believes that this approach can unlock significant funding opportunities available in the EU's Social Economy policy.

Living Labs and serious games form the backbone of Aerts' methodology, facilitating collaboration among multi-disciplinary groups and leveraging the social capital of athletes and artists to unlock EU financing and drive innovation across European regions. His dedication to mobilizing knowledge and fostering accelerated learning led him to develop an eFlashcard app that optimizes memorization by brainhacking the forgetting algorithm of our brains and utilising artificial intelligence. This app has gained significant traction, with numerous medical students benefiting from its efficient memorisation techniques.

Aerts is a firm believer in the power of open-source platforms and their ability to facilitate knowledge transfer. He actively promotes the use of platforms like AnkiWeb and Moodle to accelerate the dissemination of knowledge, making learning more efficient and accessible. His world record as part of the Earthrace team, circumnavigating the planet in a biofuel-powered trimaran with submarine capability, showcases his dedication to sustainable technologies and environmental stewardship.

With his diverse skill set and unwavering commitment to social impact, Sven AERTS continues to drive positive change, empower athletes and artists, and pioneer innovative solutions for a sustainable and interconnected world.