Yelena Kharitonova

Job title: Founder
Organisation Name: Caravan Cultura CreArt Agency Academy & Consultancy

Short bio

Yelena Kharitonova's passion for exploring diverse cultures has shaped her life and career in profound ways. Her journey has taken her to various corners of the world, immersing herself in different societies and influencing her outlook on life. After extensive travels, studies, and work experiences in different countries, Yelena founded the CreArt Agency and Academy "Caravan Cultura" in Maastricht, the Netherlands, with an extension in Brussels.

The core mission of CreArt Agency is to foster, support, and promote cross-cultural understanding and respect among creatives from Europe and Eurasia. Caravan Cultura serves as a bridge not only between civil societies but also cultural and creative communities. Through innovative and exciting multifaceted cultural educational programs in the Netherlands and Belgium, Caravan Cultura aims to provide a deeper understanding of different cultures.

At her CreArt Academy, Yelena curates educational programs specifically tailored for young international designers in the Netherlands and Belgium. These programs serve as a platform for nurturing their talents and fostering creative exchange among emerging designers.

Additionally, in Brussels, Yelena's project "Design-thinking for decision making" brings together EU decision makers at Holland House Brussels. Through the application of design-thinking methodology, this initiative seeks to inspire innovative approaches and creative problem-solving within the realm of decision making.

Yelena's work not only promotes cultural understanding but also encourages the integration of design-thinking into decision-making processes. By bridging cultures, fostering creativity, and embracing innovative methodologies, Yelena Kharitonova is making a significant impact in promoting cross-cultural collaboration and creating a more inclusive and innovative society.