The New European Bauhaus: Concept, Movement, and Opportunities

Re-imagine sustainable living in Europe and beyond

The New European Bauhaus responds to the global challenges of the 21st century by developing ways of living and creating that blend design and sustainability.

On this two-week course, you will take an in-depth look at the NEB, and learn how it has led to an explosion of creativity across Europe.


Discover the design principles and environmental policies behind the NEB

The New European Bauhaus connects the European Green Deal to our daily lives, living spaces, and experiences.

By exploring the history of the ‘Bauhaus’, you will trace the evolution from the original movement to the transformative initiative we see today. Through the examination of how the values and principles of sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusion can be innovatively combined, you will be able to frame your understanding within the context of other European policies.


Examine how the New European Bauhaus models social sustainability

You will discover how the initiative is driving positive change and opening up access to further funding for socially-conscious yet aesthetic-driven projects.

Using five case studies, you will analyse key projects that stand as exemplars of NEB design and be able to explain how they deliver the mission of the NEB.


Explore opportunities linked to the New European Bauhaus

Accessing expert interviews, podcasts, and videos, you will learn how sustainability and style combine to drive green transitions in sectors including furniture, fashion, and construction.

By acquiring relevant knowledge, you will become able to critically assess the challenges and opportunities linked to the NEB and discuss potential future developments.

By the end of the course, you will have gained an in-depth understanding of the main concepts and direction of the New European Bauhaus.

NEB Stewardship Lab

Who is it for?

Architects- Designers - Engineers
Civil Society - Citizens
Research & Academia

This course is designed for EU citizens interested in sustainable living who wish to better understand the concepts involved in the New European Bauhaus initiative.

It is suitable for anyone with an interest in sustainability, architecture, art, and design, and will benefit those who work within the design industries and want to explore sustainable initiatives in the creative sector.

This course would also benefit those interested in climate change who want to further their knowledge of EU policies and developments connected to the European Green Deal.

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