Power Up Your City Summit

The city of Oulu (Finland) is hosting the first Power Up Your City Summit, a Making City conference that aims to share knowledge and tools with professionals in charge of implementing carbon-free energy solutions.

The event's focus is to provide a comprehensive understanding of Positive Energy Districts (PEDs): urban areas designed to generate more energy than their consumption through cutting-edge technologies, renewable sources and efficient infrastructures.

The summit will cover PEDs' potential to create sustainable and energy-positive communities while equipping the participants with valuable resources to implement PEDs in their urban contexts, leading them into a new and sustainable era.

Power Up Your City will feature panel discussions, workshops and case studies, highlighting best practices and knowledge gained in PED projects implemented in Oulu (Finland) and Groningen (the Netherlands), Making City’s lighthouse cities.


Why is it important to join the Power Up Your City Summit?

  • Expand Knowledge by exploring innovative approaches, policies and technologies for sustainable energy leadership while learning more about PEDs’ implementations.
  • Explore Solutions by interacting with experts that will help gain practical strategies to implement PEDs in your city.
  • Foster Collaboration by connecting with experts and industry players while encouraging collaboration opportunities.
  • Inspire Change by learning from successful PED project implementations narratives.
Power Up Your City Summit
External event
Oulu, Finland