CSSCC23: The New European Bauhaus - Building a European Digital Ecosystem

The Connected Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities Conference (CSSCC) is an annual event organised by the Open & Agile Smart Cities Network (OASC) to establish a global smart city market based on simple standard mechanisms for interoperability and exchange of data, especially real-time data from connected devices since this is where the main challenges are.

This year the conference took place in Brussels from 17 to 18 January 2023 and brought together high-level experts in smart communities worldwide.

The digiNEB.eu project, with DS4SSCC and Living-in.EU, got the opportunity to join the conference and showcase its journey's main results and achievements. Indeed, Rita Giuffrida (Trust-IT Services) represented digiNEB.eu at the panel discussion "New European Bauhaus – Building a European Digital Ecosystem" together with Gabriela Ruseva (Eurocities / Living-in.eu) and Sophie Meszaros (Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) / DS4SSCC). The discussion was moderated by Javier Orozco-Messana (European Commission) and highlighted the crucial role played by digital solutions in shaping more sustainable, inclusive and beautiful living spaces.

The NEB digital ecosystem is composed of the following:

  • Digital Toolkit: a catalogue with over 200 digital solutions for the NEB ecosystem;
  • Observatory: a collection of 500 EU-funded initiatives and success stories to raise awareness towards NEB programmes and the benefits of digital solutions and encourage collaborations;
  • eLearning catalogue: a collaborative online set of courses and training materials to stimulate knowledge and share best practices.

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Connected Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities Conference (CSSCC)