The eLearning platform: collaborative catalogue to sustain NEB

Digital Solutions for a Sustainable New European Bauhaus

The New European Bauhaus seeks to bring sustainability, inclusivity, and beauty to the built environment. As this visionary initiative gains momentum, a pivotal aspect that is driving its success is the integration of digital technologies to shape a more sustainable and connected future. The implementation of digital solutions (such as 3D models, Digital Twins, VR, etc.) in buildings, public spaces and their realisation, not only facilitates data collection and simulation, but also enables proactive handling of unexpected events, improves citizen well-being, and supports decision-making processes in urban design and construction.
In this digital era, education and training emerge as fundamental pillars in realising the vision of a Digital New European Bauhaus. By empowering architects, designers, construction companies and all NEB players with the necessary knowledge and skills, education lays the foundation for the successful integration of innovative digital solutions in architectural design and construction. 


Empowering NEB with Digital Skills: Explore the eLearning Catalogue

In order to harness the full potential of digital solutions, it is crucial to master the necessary digital skills: aims to bridge the gap that separates the New European Bauhaus (NEB) and the digital communities through a series of learning courses.
Therefore, as a part of the NEB Digital Ecosystem, alongside the Digital Toolkit and the Observatory, designed an eLearning catalogue comprising initiatives and digital solutions in the form of training materials and best practices.

The main objective of the eLearning catalogue is to democratise access to eLearning courses and materials available to architects, designers, construction industry players, policymakers, citizens and all NEB players. In this way, all interested stakeholders can  develop new skills and stay on top of the latest trends and technologies in the digital economy while having the chance to get inspired to share and generate innovative ideas.

Are you ready to explore the opportunities of digital education and training for the New European Bauhaus movement? Dive into the eLearning catalogue and unlock the potential of innovative solutions and inspiring courses and suggest new ones!

eLearning Platform