Neural Grader

Avenue Louise 523 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium, Belgium
February -July 2019
Neural Grader output example - splitting a board into clear patches and defect areas marked in red
Building Innovation

The European wood industry is at a distinct cost disadvantage compared to Asian markets due to higher labour costs in Europe that contribute to making European wood more expensive. As decreasing labour costs is demanding, the European wood industry instead needs to look for new ways to sharpen its competitive edge. One way is through the use of digitisation. To help digitise the European wood industry, the EU-funded Neural Grader project has developed an automated solution for processing lumber. Its innovation lies in the industrial cameras that capture images of each board and, using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence methods, accurately classify wood quality. Neural Grader also computes the optimal way for cutting the boards and sends commands to the cutting machine, preventing wood waste.Timber


The goal of Neural Grader - Digitizing the Wood Industry was to determine the best way to cut wood boards to minimise waste while accurately classifying wood grade using Artificial Intelligence techniques. The utilisation of commercial cameras is what gives it its genius. The cameras capture images of each board and detect the type of wood by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI). The system also determines the best way to cut the boards. Neural Grader minimizes wasted material by over 20% by automatically giving these optimised cutting instructions to the cutting machine. Additionally, the system allows businesses complete production control, allowing them to spend more time concentrating on quality and less time managing production lines and inventory.



Technical factsheet

  • Date: February -July 2019
  • Funded EU
  • NEB Value Sustainability
  • Location Avenue Louise 523 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium, Belgium
  • Application category Building | Innovation
  • Related Technical Working Group Production and construction

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