Woodoo Augmented Wood

83 Boulevard Saint Michel 75005 Paris, France, France
September 2018-August 2020
Innovation Urban Design

Woodoo uses biomass and trees instead of oil.

The rise of urbanisation has resulted in a shortage of construction materials and the use of unsustainable building materials. However, steel and concrete cannot be replaced by wood which is not as strong as required.


The EU-funded Woodoo project proposes an innovative technology that transforms natural wood into an amplified material that is as strong as concrete and translucent. 

The sustainably harvested wood is our feedstock


Technical factsheet

  • Date: September 2018-August 2020
  • Funded EU
  • NEB Value Sustainability
  • Location 83 Boulevard Saint Michel 75005 Paris, France, France
  • Application category Innovation | Urban Design
  • Related Technical Working Group Production and construction

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